The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has warned oil marketers over the threat of mass retrenchment of workers if the federal government fails to pay outstanding subsidy owed it on the importation of petroleum products.
The Union stated that the threat to sack the workers should not be used as a bait or weapon to get government to pay but apply other sanctions that will compel them.
It stressed that the threat to embark on the mass sack is uncalled for, unjustified and unethical as the workers have always performed their duties well.
The Union warns that workers cannot be used as scapegoats or guinea pigs for government’s ineptitude and non-challant attitude to pay for products imported on their behalf.
The Union therefore calls on the federal government to verify the =N=720 billion owed the oil marketers and pay them in order to avert fuel scarcity and suffering of the masses.
It reiterated that the oil marketers borrowed money to import these products and as a result they should fulfill their obligations to them.
It stated that government must develop the political will to do the turn- around-maintenance of the nation’s refineries to make them work optimally so that the drain on our foreign exchange will be reduced due to massive importation of petroleum products.
The Union warned that any attempt to sack workers in the oil marketing firms will be resisted and will lead to an industrial crisis in the industry.
It advised the government and the oil companies to sort out themselves and not to use the workers as cannon fodder.

Comrade (Dr.) Igwe Achese
NUPENG President

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