Public Relations

The name NUPENG is a brand in itself. It has become a household name. It is a trade union affiliated to the Nigeria Labour Congress. The public relations activities of the union are varied.
The union believes in social dialogue as a tool to reaching out and resolving industrial crisis. Most of the disputes that arise are resolved through this method of social interaction.
As part of the corporate promotions of the union, it publishes the ENERGY NEWS INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE quarterly. The magazine is a must read for all our members because the contents are tailored to inform, educate and entertain them. It contains news, news analysis, features, events and activities in the oil and gas industry. It cost only 300 naira. It also carries advertisements from the units and branches that have activities.
We also send press releases on topical and burning national issues to the print and electronic media on a weekly basis. Press Conferences are also organized on a regular basis as issues affecting the sector crop up. Our positions on issues are made known to the press with copies sent to the appropriate quarters.
The union is also an active member of Police Community Relations Committee where issues of security in the neighborhood are discussed . As part of the union’s corporate responsibility, we have donated office equipment to the Onipanu Police Station and participate in their activities.
The union produces calendars and diaries yearly which it distributes to members, employers, corporate organizations, friends and well-wishers. These items show case the activities of the union in the past year.