Coronavirus: NUPENG Expresses Concerns Over Safety of Its Members In Informal Sector, Gives 72 Hours Window On Next Line of Action


In view of the growing cases of the deadly global Coronavirus Pandemic and the stay at home orders given by the Federal Government and States Governments, the leadership of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers { NUPENG} is seriously concerned with the health and safety of our very vulnerable members who are rendering critical services to the nation on daily basis in these critical times. These sets of workers include the Petroleum Tanker Drivers, Petrol Stations Workers, Petroleum Products Depots Workers and others who in the course of serving the nation become highly vulnerable to the virus.

NUPENG wishes to inform all these members and other Stakeholders in the Downstream Sector of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry to diligently follow international protocols, including the recommended health and safety measures by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) by maintaining social distancing, excellent personal hygiene and keeping the work environment safe while discharging their essential services in the downstream sector of the industry and to the general public.

At this crucial time, NUPENG is seriously monitoring the unfolding situation while also putting into account the safety and welfare of these vulnerable and integral segments of our membership which are of paramount concern to us.

In the light of the above, the Union may be forced to direct these workers to stay at home in the next 72 hours. This is definitely going to be a very difficult decision to take but necessary and important with respect to the safety of these set of workers who are our members in the informal sector, and they include the Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD), Petrol Station Workers (PSW), Petroleum Depots Workers,Independent Marketers Employees, Oil and Gas Suppliers (OGS), Surface Tankers Kerosene Peddlers ( SUKATEP), Liquefied Petroleum Gas Retailers, (LPGAR),etc.

Meanwhile, NUPENG is also using this opportunity to encourage all our members across the country to continue to adhere strictly to social distancing and high level of hygienic behavior at work, at home, on the streets and with everyone they interface with in their daily activities so as to reduce the spread of the contagious Covid-19 and keep the socio-economic activities of the country alive industrially, domestically and commercially.

Rest assured that the leadership of the Union will not forsake you at this precarious moment and we equally urge you to remain good ambassadors, law abiding and disciplined in your conducts.

It is our prayer that stakeholders in the health sector across the globe will find a lasting solution to this scourge, so that the world could be safe and healthy for us to live in.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Our solidarity remains constant for the Union makes us strong


National President of NUPENG,
Comrade Williams Eniredonana Akporeha

General Secretary of NUPENG,
Comrade Afolabi Olawale.

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