The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) have said that the panacea to the national economic woes is to revert back to the practice of true federalism.

The Union states that the solution in the non-payment of salaries of workers in the states and local governments is for us to go back to true federalism whereby they will generate their revenues and pay salaries instead of relying solely on monthly federal allocation.

NUPENG believes that the States and local governments should be allowed to control their resources with a clear definition of federal government projects.

It reiterates that the current structure of states and local governments depending on federal allocation for their survival negates the principles of true federalism

The Union posits that the only solution to the current economic challenges is for the states and local government to have independence on the revenues generated and accruing in their domain in order for them to pay salaries and execute projects , while there will be an interface with the Federal government on their projects.

The Union stresses that for the nascent democracy to have a meaning and end the sufferings of the masses that we have to entrench true federalism into our system.

The Union states that the internally generated revenue of states is often not accounted for or judiciously used and it would not be the case when true federalism is in operations.

It also adds that true federalismwill eliminate wastages, in the IGR system, as the laissez faire attitude willnot be there, as all efforts will be geared towards revenue generation to pay salaries, debts and finance projects.

Com. IgweAchese NUPENG President

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