To organize, protect, promote and defend the socio-economic and political interest of the oil and gas workers in Nigeria.
Its objectives as contained in the Union’s Constitution are as follows:
To ensure the complete unionization of all workers employed in the petroleum and gas industry.
To regulate the relations and settle disputes between members and employers and between a member and another.
To obtain and maintain a just and equitable general conditions of service.
To advance the education and training of members.
To provide benefits and other assistance as provided in the Constitution.
To encourage the participation of members in decision making in the undertaking both at industrial and National levels.
To protect and advance the socio-economic and cultural interest of the community and such other objectives as are lawful and are not inconsistent with the spirit and practice of trade unionism.
To promote and encourage International Fraternal relations with bodies having the interest of petroleum and Gas Workers.
To establish and carry on or participate (financial and otherwise) in the business of the printing or publishing of a general Newspaper or of any other undertaking, industrial or otherwise, in the interest of or with the main purpose of furthering the interest of the Union or trade unionism generally.
Its membership is open to all junior workers in the oil well and natural gas well operations in the industry including prospecting, drilling, crude oil and natural extraction of oil and natural gas, pipelines, refining, distribution and marketing of natural gas and petroleum products including petroleum tanker drivers (Haulage) regardless of sex, religion, belief or ethnic origin.