The leadership of our great Union met today Friday, 27th March, 2020 and carefully examined the critical roles we play in the socio/economic landscape of our dear nation, vis a vis the current rampaging coronavirus pandemic the global community is currently facing.

Arising from our discussions we came to the conclusion that the nation needs our essential services in same manners the nation requires the services of all those in the frontlines of the fight to curtail the spread of the virus.

It was therefore unanimously resolved that all our members that are on the value chain of distribution of petroleum products for commercial, Industrial and domestic uses shall continue to work, these sets of workers include the Petroleum Tanker Drivers, Petrol Stations Workers, Petroleum Products Depots Workers Oil and Gas Suppliers, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Retailers and others .

We are quite aware that these workers in the course of serving the nation become highly vulnerable to the virus, but at this point in our national life, we must all rise to defend humanity and no price should be too high to pay.

We shall provide whatever necessary safety kits we can afford at various loading points and to all Petroleum Tanker Drivers and also urge all Petroleum Depots Owners, Operators, Petrol Stations Owners and industrial set ups to provide necessary mechanisms and tools including social distancing at their various locations and support the Workers with necessary kits and logistics .

The Union will provide within our meager resources whatever assistance we can to mitigate various unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the course of our service to our fatherland and we implore other Stakeholders to support the initiative of our Union in whatever manner.

However, any worker who is not in direct line of loading and distribution of petroleum products on any particular day are directed to stay at home to avoid unnecessary crowd at operational locations.

NUPENG further wishes to inform all these members and other Stakeholders in the Downstream Sector of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry to diligently follow international protocols, including the recommended health and safety measures by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) by maintaining social distancing, excellent personal hygiene and keeping the work environment safe while discharging their essential services in the downstream sector of the industry and to the general public.

Very importantly , NUPENG is further using this opportunity to implore all our members across the country who are not rendering essential services as enumerated above on any particular day not to go to loading or discharging locations. The Union will deal with any member found loitering around these locations without proof of rendering key services.

We furthur urge all our members to continue to adhere strictly to social distancing and high level of hygienic behavior at work, at home, on the streets and with everyone they interface with in their daily activities so as to reduce the spread of the contagious Covid-19 and keep the socio-economic activities of the country alive industrially, domestically and commercially.

Our members should be rest assured that the leadership of the Union will not forsake them and our dear nation at this precarious time as we pledge to serve our nation with everything we have for our collective good and wellbeing.

It is our prayer that we find a lasting solution to this scourge early enough, so that the world could be safe and healthy for us to live in.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Our solidarity remains constant for the Union makes us strong


National President of NUPENG,
Comrade (Prince) Williams Eniredonana Akporeha,

General Secretary of NUPENG,
Comrade Afolabi Olawale.

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