The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) is worried and disturbed on the danger signals of current political situation in the country.

The Union states that it has watched with keen interest the political power play and intrigues been perpetrated by the judiciary with divergent court judgments which portend danger to our nascent democracy that our leaders sacrificed so much for.

NUPENG finds it disgraceful and embarrassing at the recent two court judgments on the same issue concerning the aborted convention of the opposition party, in which the state security apparatus was used massively to stop the delegates from entering the premises in Port Harcourt


The Union warns that democracy should not be killed as we all worked hard to enthrone it. NUPENG believes that the Port Harcourt convention saga was a threat to democracy by using the police to prevent people from exercising their rights.

The Union states that these actions are capable of heating up the polity in an already distressed economy.

The Union also reiterates that the arbitrariness and highhandedness used on the political situation in states ruled by the opposition party, namely of recent, Abia, Rivers, and Ekiti should be done with caution as we have to put into practice how democracy work in other parts of the world.

NUPENG therefore calls on the judiciary to be alive to its responsibilities and should not be used as a willing tool by politicians to make mockery of its multiple judgments which is counterproductive and shameful.

The union calls on the president Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in all these issues in order not to allow our democracy fail, as Nigerians are watching.

The Union also calls on the Chief Justice of the federation to investigate and probe into these dubious judgments and sanction the erring judges for putting the judiciary to ridicule and opprobrium.

NUPENG also enjoins the members of the National Assembly not to be spectators and just seat at the hallowed chambers and watch the drama, in the current political melee as they have a duty in their oversight functions to intervene and allow for free, fair-play and justice to operate in the system and all hands must be on deck.

Comrade (Dr.) Igwe Achese NUPENG President

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