The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) have warned the management of the NNPC to tread with caution and jettison its plans on the impending sack of 1,100 workers of the corporation.

The Union expressed its surprise and embarrassment for the Minister of state, Petroleum Resources Dr. IbeKachikwu to make such a statement without consultation or recourse to the two Unions in the Oil and Gas sector, NUPENG and PENGASSAN.

The Union warns that it will resist such a move, as the cardinal policy of the Buhari Government is job creation and not job losses.

NUPENG states that the Union cannot watch and see its members who have served for years to be thrown into the unemployment market because of inconsistent policies of the government.

The Union reiterates that NNPC workers are the best because they have continued to keep the oil and gas sector of moving even when they have to work with obsolete equipment and indecent work environment.

The Union argues that the workforce should not be used as guinea pigs but commended.

NUPENG adds that the unbundling of the firm into four companies and intended restructuring should not have anything to do with sack of 1,100 workers which is one sack, too many.

The Union advises the Federal Government to convene a major stakeholders meeting to x-ray the challenges facing the sector and proffer solutions, rather than chasing the shadows.

Towards this, it should ensure that the stakeholders meeting look at the Petroleum Industry Bill together before it is represented.

The Union adds that the current policy of the NNPC to engage casual workers is against the extant labour laws of the country and should be condemned and a stop put to it.

The Union believes that the impending retrenchment will be counter – productive and should not be allowed as its will resist it and call out its members to protest the action if the two oil Unions in the sector are not consulted.

Comrade (Dr.) IgweAchese NUPENG President

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