Happy Birthday To NUPENG General Secretary, Comrade Olawale Afolabi

By Emmanuel Ajibulu

Comrade Olawale Afolabi is an example of how anyone can overcome adversity to succeed and thus become an inspiration to others; he is equally a radiant leading figure for responsible dealings with candour.

He is known for motivational speaking, mentoring, human capital development, teaching and coaching as well as developing and nurturing talents among other things.

The consummate administrator is highly sought-after for being uniquely engaging and profoundly outstanding in all his conducts. He is articulate and irrepressible with the history of addressing and training a very large number of people each year on personal and professional development, achieving peak performance, wealth creation, success, inspiration, networking, management, relationships, personal success, reproductive health and goal setting.

His audience especially Trade Unionists, benefit from his lectures on leadership, good governance, personal growth, innovation, strategic positioning, decision-making, workflow management, and many other diverse topics.

NUPENG General Secretary is distinctively renowned for his passion, high-energy and inspirational presentation, his compelling style is a unique one which gives his presentations very striking and captivating oratorical edge and enables him to get his powerful messages across to audiences with warmth, passion, energy, and substance.

He travels all over Europe, North America, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates impacting professionals, staff and members of NUPENG and encouraging them to achieve extraordinary results, increase performance and profit exponentially.

His experience of interacting with people for over two decades has led him to discover that if we help people to see themselves as they can be, not as they are; then the way they think, the way they feel and the way they act will eventually be positively altered, thereby resulting in achieving optimum performance in their respective endeavors.

Beyond the unique and richly rewarding professional experiences he has enjoyed over the years, his incredibly supportive and intelligent children keep him focused on what’s truly important and profit-driven.

Like diamonds, Comrade Afolabi’s worth is inestimable. He has impacted a number of lives. His commitment to making a positive difference is unequaled. Today we profoundly celebrate a man of vision, a man of purpose and achievement. We celebrate a leader of men with class and finesse on this special day, April 26, 2021.

Congratulations to you sir, on the attainment of this milestone which is meeting you in good health with abiding fulfillment.

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